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[Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

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[Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby blueshadow2002 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:35 pm

Welcome to Blu Enterprises, where we help you build for less every time! We are mainly a real estate company that strives to be the most innovative, unique, and interesting one out there. We have a highly successful shop in River City, where we have reached 6k in sales, and the number keeps on growing!


What is Blu Enterprises?
Blu Enterprises has two main branches: shops and real estate. Unlike all of the other "real estate" companies out there, we buy and sell plots, all while helping players build for less, every single time! We have our flagship store in River City, three rows down from Rezzy! This grand company is owned by blueshadow2002, and is constantly growing!

Owner: blueshadow2002
Lead Supplier: BloomSkunk Logistics

[+] Shops
Everything in this tab will have to do with our shops!

At Blu Enterprises, we strive to have the cheapest and highest quality products in HelloMiners, while always staying in stock.

Blu Enterprises River City
This is our flagship location! We sell all sorts of products for every need, and always for less!

1. Type /warp rc, to go to River City!
2. Turn left after warping, and you should see a building with a C in front.
3. Go past Rezzy, the 2nd row store
4. Go about 3 more rows down
5. If you see a beautiful dark blue building, you have made it!

Here is a map in case that was confusing:

Code: Select all
Our Main Items:
White Wool 14/Stack
Black Wool 14/Stack
Grey Wool 14/Stack
Silver Wool 14/Stack
Blue Wool 14/Stack
Glass 18/Stack
Glowstone 35/10 pieces
Quartz 40/10 pieces
Snow 15/30 pieces
Ice 10/20 pieces
Oak Logs 14/16 pieces
Birch Logs 14/16 pieces
Spruce Logs 14/ 16 pieces
Oak Planks 13/Stack
Spruce Planks 13/Stack
Birch Planks 13/Stack
Diamonds 18/Piece
Coal 8/32 pieces

But, that is not all we sell! We also sell many farm supplies for cheap, and have HUGE deals of items on our third floor!

Visit us today and "Build for less, always"!
Want to order online?

Blu Enterprises is your destination for cheap products, and we value every single customer that orders online!

Here's why ordering with Blu is superior to all other companies:
-We have a 24 hour guarantee, so that means when we say your order is going to be processed,
we will get back to you on this forum with your order in under 24 hours, or your ENTIRE order is
25% off! Not valid on quartz, glowstone, or coal; restrictions may apply. Only for orders under 1k
-We have a rewards program! Unlike some other companies that have rewards, we do this a little
differently! We have 3 different tiers, iron, gold, or diamond. If you spend 1k, 2k, or 4k,
respectively, you will recieve a book that gives you access to many neat perks, such as: 10%,
20%, or 30% off on all online orders, get special member discounts, and other perks to come!

To order online, just follow this format:
Code: Select all

(A google forums ordering system will come soon and make it much easier!)

[+] Real Estate
Everything in this tab will have to do with our Real Estate section!

Blu Enterprises is an actual real estate company, and we don't just sell apartments, unlike other ones.

We have many innovative programs to help everyone, rich or poor, and new or old. Our main real estate location is in the 4th floor of the Burj in River City. It is not open yet, but it will contain our offices and information for those who don't have a forums account.

These are our programs currently, but more will come!
Blu Enterprises City Sponsorship Program

Own a city, but have trouble selling plots? Well, this program is for you! Our team of experienced real estate agents will lead people to your town and sell your plots. This will increase your revenue, and you will be able to expand more as a result. We only charge 5% to 20% of the cost of the plot, and so you will still make most of the money!

Is this calling your name? Follow the format below, and we will talk in-game!
Code: Select all
City Name:
Land Value:
Tunnel Locations

********************************************************************************************************************************Blu Enterprises PlotEZ Initiative

Eyeing a plot, but don't have the funds to purchase it? This is for you! We will supply up to 60% of the cost for the plot, and you will be added to it as a member! We will give you up to 2 months to pay it back, and you will pay 5% interest a week, which is much cheaper than taking a loan! If you do not pay it back, we will take the plot or other collateral. If you get eyesored or evicted, we will take other property or you will have to pay us back.

Like how this sounds? Do this application!
Code: Select all
Time on the Server:
City Plot You Want:
How Long To Pay Back:

Blu Enterprises Selling

Have a building that you don't want or need, but can't seem to sell it? We will sell it for you, and will only take 5% to 20% of the sold price! You will give us a prefered and minimum price, and we will sell it for you?

Like this? Do this format!
Code: Select all

Blu Enterprises Apartments and Homes

We also sell apartments and homes for anyone who needs a great place to live! We will post our locations later!
Blu Enterprises Building and Demolishing

Our team of trustworthy builders will create you a wonderful place that meets your demands in a multiplayer creative server, and will then build it for you on HM. We will also demolish buildings.
More info coming soon!

[+] Jobs
Blu Enterprises loves to give back to the community, and everyone is welcome! Please head to our official job page (coming soon) to apply and for directions to our many public job factories! :D

[+] Updates
4/24/16: Blu Enterprises RC opened! Our drop party was amazing, and congrats to everyone who participated! Image (Lol part of the image got corrupted I think :()

4/28/16: We opened Blu Enterprises Montego Bay! It is right next to the portal, and has apartments and shops for rent! Thanks to Felipe98_ for the great design! :)

5/1/16: The official Blu Enterprises forum page is up! :D

5/6/16: BloomSkunk Logistics is now our lead supplier! It and the Blu Factory will make sure our shop stays stocked more often! :)


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Re: [Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby Felipe98_ » Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:03 pm

Aweee finally :D Gl on ur company (light up ur monbay apts p-p)
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Re: [Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby blueshadow2002 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:05 pm

Felipe98_ wrote:Aweee finally :D Gl on ur company (light up ur monbay apts p-p)

Thanks! Lol I will, and I will have builder jobs (nudge, nudge :P)
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Re: [Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby ViHQ » Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:26 pm

Looks like a good, organized company. I may be using your services in the near future.
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Re: [Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby blueshadow2002 » Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:49 pm

ViHQ wrote:Looks like a good, organized company. I may be using your services in the near future.

Thank you! Lol I'm not even done, and I gave up after an hour of doing it and figuring out how to do all the stuff


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Re: [Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby ~Bloom » Thu May 12, 2016 7:40 am

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Re: [Official Topic] Blu Enterprises

Postby blueshadow2002 » Thu May 12, 2016 11:56 am

Nubtastic_Bloom wrote:Bump

Lol I'm not even done with my topic zD


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