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Selling a redstone bunker with cabin above.

Selling a redstone bunker with cabin above.

Postby aidanuno » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:36 pm

2 Floor Bunker, with the following self made redstone contraptions.

Bread/Wheat maker, compact autofarm.

Automatic custom enchantment machine

Redstone night clock, lamps illuminate as night progresses and changes at dawn or dusk.

Disposal system with a failsafe method in case you accidentally drop your pick inside.

Mass compact storage unit with enough room to live out of.

Super smelter that automatically collects, distributes, and recollects materials you need to smelt.

Potion brewing set.

Beautiful white terracotta and quartz block interior, with an oak wood flooring.

House above is spruce and stone brick, with excellent interior.

10x18x5 Upper level, slightly smaller lower level with living quarters and bed.

3x3 Map of surrounding area with You Are Here Dot to monitor local player activity.

Well-lit mob proof area with a ladder and hidden trapdoor leading to the house.

Feel free to visit, cords are X: -2056 Y: 40 Z: 1153

In a nice snowy plains biome where ice wont melt unless you want it to, and while everyone else gets laggy rain, you get smooth, pretty sheets of layered snow topping your creations. Message SlantedState nicknamed ~Frozone to negotiate. Price 5k negotiable. house is on 2k worth of land, keep in mind you are able to resell land to government if you don't want it.