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Wilderness Protection Team - Revitalized.

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Wilderness Protection Team - Revitalized.

Postby ViHQ » Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:23 pm

Wilderness Protection Team
Exists to restore ravaged wilderness to their original states and to remove large ugly eyesores that prevent players from
establishing farms, homes, and cities in the region.

As some of you may know, the Wilderness Protection Team has fallen into a state of inactivity. I intend to fix that, starting immediately by taking applications for a few key roles needed. I will list the intended goals and how the WPT will act under my management.
How will it work?
Currently, I am freelancing jobs as needed or doing the work myself, but once the WPT has a decent team behind it, this will be the procedure.
1. The job-site is marked, coordinates noted and members of the team are notified of a job.
2. Notifications are sent out to report to the job site, demolishers work as needed until the job has been cleared for restoration.
3. Terraformers move in once the demolitions team has finished.
4. Once the terraformers are finished, I arrive at the job site to give the all-clear, finish up anything that is needed and payment is issued.

The WPT is looking for the best HelloMiners has to offer. If you want steady work with good pay, then look no further.
To further increase your odds of being accepted, please leave a detailed explanation of why you should be considered for the job. We are looking for the following attributes in a member of the team:

Code: Select all
Active members of the community,
Trustworthy and dependable,
Able to follow coordinates and trek long distances to remote job sites

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Demolition Crew
Terraforming Crew

Please note that if you are applying for the Terraforming crew, you will be required to show previous work done or undergo an exam before being accepted.

Please apply below, there is no specific format but the more detailed the application, the higher chances are that you'll be accepted into the WPT.
Bi-Weekly Updates
Starting soon, I will be uploading a bi-weekly update on the actions of the WPT. This will include before and after screenshots of restored areas, information and general discussion.
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Re: Wilderness Protection Team - Revitalized.

Postby TLG_lost » Mon Jan 13, 2020 11:41 pm

Discord: lostark1#4887
Why I want to work for WPT: First off I would be glad doing both jobs as I have experience in terraforming and demoing, but If I can only do 1 I would prefer the demo job. I am very active, logged on practically everyday the last year and I have a lot of free time on the server. I know how to navigate with cords and am willing to go long distances. Also I feel I have been building up my reliability over the last year. That is all I have to say for now :D
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Re: Wilderness Protection Team - Revitalized.

Postby PrinceAdam » Tue Jan 14, 2020 12:31 am

IGN: PrinceAdam
Discord: adam44gg#7570
Why I want to work for WPT: I want to help restore the wilderness and get rid of eyesores. I also have a good quality pickaxe and I have experience of demoing buildings.
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Re: Wilderness Protection Team - Revitalized.

Postby UnboxingGold » Tue Jan 14, 2020 3:13 pm

IGN: UnboxingGold

Im interested in the demolition opening I have a lot of experience with demoing stuff and have a lot of references in my line of work id be happy to join the team and to help hello miners restore its beauty and have the opportunity to work towards that