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It's time for improvements

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It's time for improvements

Postby supermagicalplay » Wed Aug 14, 2019 3:52 am

Within the past year, it's been very clear that HelloMiners is declining, in players, and overall interest in the server.

Back a few months ago, Spartan announced cars, but many were disappointed after waiting months just to see cars that are worse than elytras.

Since then, staff members have been trying to bring something new to HelloMiners, in hopes of getting more players to stay. However, the problem isn't in something new. The reason for this decline is because of some staff members' inability to deal with situations that require them. An example of this is when there were around 3-4 staff members and 2 admins online, while there wasn't an event going on, and still, 0 helpmes were done for an hour. While I can understand that staff members also have things to do on the server, but an hour of waiting for 1 helpme, while there's an entire server of staff members is a bit outrageous to me. A solution to this is to hire staff members who are experienced, and competent. This brings me to my next point.

Staff selection currently is a popularity contest. It's not who is the most experienced, and active, it's who's the most popular. For example, SteedzMinecraft was an experienced player, sure. However, he's not at all active. I'm not against him at all, but the selection currently is quite ridiculous. It's not about who's the most liked, it's about who can actually get the job done. Of course, I don't doubt that Steeds can get helpmes done. In fact, he's rather good at it. However, he hasn't been on the server for 7 days. A solution to this is to switch out staff members that aren't as active, with people who are, and can get the job done. Additionally, if people really like to choose the most popular for staff, they can do so with player helpers. This all goes for admins and mod (all staff).

The next thing is the community. Recently, we've seen more old players leave than ever before. ~Satan's reason was because of the toxic community. I believe the rules should be re-worked to accommodate for racial slurs, homophobic comments, etc. People who does this should receive a more severe consequence if they ignore warnings. Debates are fine, but this is crossing the line.

~ADR's reason was that he lost interest, which brings me to my next point. It's time we focus on improving our staff selection process, broken things like the website (I understand staff can't access this, but it's still on the to-do list), and removing staff that aren't doing anything. If we improve HelloMiners, players should gain more interest. This all starts with people taking initiative. I believe players like player helpers, and staff members should set an example of a good community, and the rest should follow. Together, let's build a better HelloMiners.

Note: While I have mentioned SteedzMinecraft, he's merely an example. I don't have anything against Steedz, and personally thinks he is a great staff, who just has to be a bit more active.
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Re: It's time for improvements

Postby Communist_Glory » Wed Aug 14, 2019 5:14 am

Completely agree with this. Mod priorities and activities are pretty bad.

Countless times have I spammed the n-word and had nothing done against me, as mods were either offline or afk.

There have been other cases where I stated "all i want to say is......" and got autobanned by mods, then the mods chose not to take any helpmes or answer questions.