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(Suggestion) 1st Step focus - New Player Jobs

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(Suggestion) 1st Step focus - New Player Jobs

Postby gbt2001 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:10 am


Many people complain on the forums constantly complain that the server is dying. Many thing have been cited as contributing to this, whether it is staff, corruption, monopolies, lack of updates, community, players being to harsh on staff, etc. To say these arguments have no merit is being to idealistic in my view and we should focus on a comprehensive reform program to bring the server back from the brink. The concept we need to update to 1.14 to survive is 1) Going to be significantly longer than we wish (as much as we want to it will take forever to happen) and 2) Not necessary. We have the plugin that allows for 1.13 and 1.14 clients to join, meaning that the idea that being 1.14 will allow new players to join is just not the case, since we already have compatibility. The main problem we suffer is a retainment issue. We have had 150,000 players join but we can't get even a tiny fraction of those to become long term players.

Since I have had time to think about where the server is going wrong, I want to suggest a plugin I found called blockregen. I have been playing on hypixel skyblock, and I found there are certain elements that make it popular that we can incorporate onto our server to create a better server experience. One concept is a plugin that allows block auto reneging.

The plugin is compatible with our 1.12.2 server (which we should accept and embrace since alot of people don't play on 1.14 since most servers offer compatibility with most versions since 1.14 isn't necessary to minecraft). If the one I cited doesn't work well, there are others that could. This is just the best one I found that looked optimal for our server.

The plugin I linked above seems to allow blocks to regen automatically after a regen is set for it. The use of this could be something that could truly alter the way our economy works for new players and for once create jobs that would allow new players to make a decent amount of forsals. Privately owned factories simply aren't cutting it and we need a solution to the "lack of jobs" argument.

Private Mines Regening

This plugin would allow for the private mine to be constantly regenerated quickly. That means we would never have to worry about the private mine being a barren wasteland and giant holes with some stone and dirt here and there. All new players and even veterans would have a place to mine and gather resources without having to worry about destroying the server map and with a warp which new players can be easily guided to. Since almost all items in the normal pm have admin shops, this would allow a stable (and non broken way) to make forsals as a new player or even a veteran looking for variation.

Creation of Resource oriented zones

This portion is just an idea that would expand on the expected use of this plugin. Multiple pm's with different resources or specializations could be created allowing for a wide variety of ways for new players to make money in a diverse economy. Private mines could be like the ones on hypixel skyblock with ones oriented towards being oak forest, spruce forest, dark oak forest, etc.

Last Note

This plugin would need to be tested, but it could help be the first step to retaining players by giving them the ability to have a variety of jobs. Now, many are probably worried this would kill the private factory industry. While this would change some things, industries like concrete and wool production would remain normal leaving factories plenty of room to stay afloat. We need to understand the current way of doing things is not effective in retaining new players. Creating this would allow for less complaints that the pm isn't being reneged (since it is never regenerated and is quickly annihilated when it is) and would make that "/warp pm for a job (new player name)" a valid response, and not one that simply makes new players unable to make forsals, and inevitably quit.
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Re: (Suggestion) 1st Step focus - New Player Jobs

Postby Cheerios32 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 9:23 am

I like this a lot.

I'll bring it up, perhaps we could add it in tandem with the /jobs plugin that mildly failed last time because of misconfiguration.

EDIT: Plugin sadly isn't 1.12 compatible :(

However I will suggest finding an automatic mine resetter (ideally one that is a bit more interesting than the standard block of minerals) for a similar purpose.
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Re: (Suggestion) 1st Step focus - New Player Jobs

Postby gbt2001 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:11 pm


Re: (Suggestion) 1st Step focus - New Player Jobs

Postby 4K606 » Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:34 pm

Gbt, great idea. One of the main things why newbies leave is because they don't know what is happening. I think this isba great idea to help figure out what is going on and how the server works.
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Re: (Suggestion) 1st Step focus - New Player Jobs

Postby DR_StevenStrange » Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:05 am

Ill look into the 1.12 version. However, by using the 1.12 version, we wont have any support from the dev should something go wrong.