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Happy Pride Everyone!

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Re: Happy Pride Everyone!

Postby ~Arctic » Sat Jun 08, 2019 7:16 am

This got a bit out of hand, this wasn't my intention i just wanted to say a happy message.

Anyways. Happy Pride, and happy June for those who don't celebrate it
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<Mypuppyrue> reyt nice they ar
<~Arctic> aye
<Mypuppyrue> i dint ask ow u was
<~Arctic> them reilways ar reyt nice ar they
<Mypuppyrue> they are
<~Arctic> yeh get whattamean?
<Mypuppyrue> i get whatyamean
<~Arctic> ah gud
<Mypuppyrue> do tha lot get what us mean
<Trial-Mod ~Ash> my brain hurts

Re: Happy Pride Everyone!

Postby ~Nathan » Sat Jun 08, 2019 5:40 pm

~Weather wrote:
~Nathan wrote:hi - i know im not relevant anymore and i dont even play this server, i just wanted to say that we shouldnt attack people for having opinions. im bi and i respect what the people who are against me say (and i think most of it isn't meant to hurt us - we all think we are doing the right thing, when sometimes we aren't). so let us all please just stop arguing and respect each other's opinions about this because this was supposed to be a post that brings positivity rather than negativity.

that being said, happy pride month.

unrelated, but NATHAN! I MISS YOU! COME BACK! VISIT! miss u v much <3

weather hi omg i miss u too! i checked in the other day but u werent there ;-; ill try again another day
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