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Bad job by mods

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Re: Bad job by mods

Postby LordRomias » Wed May 15, 2019 9:02 pm

In response to OmnieDD's post, Again, I can confirm that where regions were removed by myself the land value was automatically refunded whether the player was online or not. For regions 0-60 blocks away from Nivalis you saw this happening and I gave you the opportunity and time to remove the plots. I did put a protection zone around the region for the players but was told by an admin this should not be there so this was removed 24 hours later. So far I don't believe the staff have received any request for compensation, just a lot of posts here from those few player owners affected.

If you are the owner of the "community", I would just like to say this, you did not own all the plots as you either sold/gave away or got your friends to region near you. You have been made aware of the rules and you were purposefully trying to circumvent the city rules. You were given the opportunity to negotiate with the owner of Nivalis and warned that staff could decide to remove the regions. After several days and you eventually confirming the response was not positive, I raised this with staff and an admin stated that these regions should be removed. I even tried to get the rule changed for these historic cities that don't meet city tier requirements but that debate still goes on I'm afraid.

For plots 60-120 blocks away the staff later confirmed these should be removed (following discussion about historic cities) and the ownership of those plots being temporarily changed to government, with the owners as members of these plots. Money also refunded automatically and time given to remove the builds if the players wish to do so before the plots are deleted.

Can I just say: In lieu of an actual process, I have even suggested the following operating procedure, which has received some positive responses (I recommend you feedback on this generally):

In response to Amoni post
Firstly, I would advise you exercise dilligence before bring up another player's historic issues here and to make false accusations/correlations. A lot of the mods deal with issues and cases which are ongoing and sometimes linked. I have read your previous post regarding this, which was also not required and only had your perspective.

Lastly, all I am going to says is I have already said i didn't region most of the plots here and I certainly didn't region the first plots here which were found to be illegal.


I hope we can all learn from this and we can find a positive way for it. Again please check the suggestion above. I think it will really help all players.
CEO of Romco


Re: Bad job by mods

Postby LordRomias » Wed May 15, 2019 9:19 pm

Grinbear, I'll message you but after we last spoke and you were at your plots which have the eviction greeting on, you have not done anything with the plots and it's now passed the time given. you are still a member of the plots and I can give you an extra few days with your larger plots. I know you're online a bit at the moment and can give you maybe till Sunday even? Let me know please.
CEO of Romco