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Is HM popular with Urban city planners XD

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Re: Is HM popular with Urban city planners XD

Postby ViHQ » Thu Apr 04, 2019 2:50 pm

d0dleysvrz wrote:very interesting post.

Even though many might consider this as bullshit as minecraft is a game and hellominers is also part of the fun in this.
Though if you start looking closely it's not just functional for urban planners but also for management positions.

I've found myself having to adapt my business in ways the public responded to the services i was offering and as to how to run an effective employee base by keeping them insterested and commited to the company.

I believe that HM is doing more than just providing fun as i have seen that most IRL company strategies actually do work within HM and thus provide an essential learning part of starting your own company IRL (Which i have moved towards using the methods i've been using to run my company on here).

Funny to see that some professionals out there think the same way.

It's funny you say that. HelloMiners is what truly inspired me to become an entrepreneur and start my own business. I hadn't realized how much training I had in a management position until I got a few jobs in real life and realized, hey I'm pretty good at this.
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