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Re: [Game]? Create-A-Planet

Postby CaptainAdurica » Wed May 03, 2017 6:46 pm

A planet made of Pizza and Shawarma.

Okay i think i win.
250F? meh u can keep it
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Re: [Game]? Create-A-Planet

Postby ~Deadpool » Thu May 11, 2017 1:57 am

Much more interesting
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Red... I like the color

Re: [Game]? Create-A-Planet

Postby ~Deadpool » Fri May 19, 2017 8:07 pm

More interesting planets please?
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Red... I like the color

Re: [Game]? Create-A-Planet

Postby DR_StevenStrange » Sat May 20, 2017 2:04 am

Planet name: CS-256

Its about the same size as earth, the surface is covered in black coal with some patches of blue and white diamonds. It rains oil, and it is orbiting a pulsar star.
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Re: [Game]? Create-A-Planet

Postby AlexRocksIII » Sat May 20, 2017 3:06 am

1. This planet is the size of the Earth and is known as Angmar, however its true name is a secret to only the family of Zarzad The Black who was the First Necromancer.
2. The planet's color changes from gold to silver to copper to pitch black depending on who the ruler is. As of now it is gold one one half and black on the other half because of the war between Golrandrin who is the leader of the Golden Kingdom and Morgorothe the Dark who is the 45th Necromancer. However, most of the colonies of Angmar support Golrandrin. If you couldn't tell already this planet is very magical and most of the people can use "magyk."
3. Angmar is 10 planets away from a black hole, and is in the center of the mysterious galaxy of Grimsbane.
4. During Golden Ages the conditions are lovely and it seems like a paradise, but during Shadow Ages everything is harsh. The wind can blow away people, rain comes down so hard that it hurts, and all of the wildlife becomes purple or black and can kill humans. The only reason why people can survive is because they use magyk to save themselves.
5. During times when the planet looks gold, the sky is a sky blue with many fluffy white clouds. The grass is very green and there is little to no pollution. During times of war the sky is blood red and many trees die.
6. There are special crystals known as Krystallshardes. When you hold them you become stronger and faster. When you put them in a gun or attach them to a sword, it can destroy entire hills and can potentially destroy an entire mountain. If you put a LOT of them in a bomb it could destroy an entire planet. However after hundreds of years of war and using Krystallshardes there is a very limited supply. Also Angmarians are heavily reliant on Iyron which is an extremely flexible and durable metal that is used to make their space war cruisers.
6.5 One of the most hidden secrets only known to the Necromancers is the location of The Druid's Shrine. It is a place of great magical power and can instantly heal any Necromancer or practitioner of the Dark Arts of magyk. Also whenever a practitioner of the Dark Arts stays there for 100 days straight they are twice as powerful. This is due to the Druid's Stone, which is a relic from the Elder Years. (The Elder Years was when a group of aliens who were powerful in magic made a colony on Angmar. The relics from that time are much more powerful than those of the current era. Sadly all of the scrolls and information about the Elders were lost in the Fall of the Elders. This happened when The Druid who was a very powerful Elder tried to topple the government on Angmar. He almost prevailed but then the Elder Knights who came from the capital of the Elders defeated The Druid in a gruesome battle which destroyed most of the world. Only a few fortresses survived and most of the relics were lost.) Other relics include the Bow of Baraton which can destroy whole cities and the Eye of Eredin which is much more powerful than a telescope and allows the user to see a single person who is galaxies away.
7. While the Necromancers and the Golden Men are very different and are always bickering or at war with each other, they both are constantly trying to find more information about the Elders and in their quest to find what happened to them they conquered all of the Grimsbane Galaxy. This search provided them with nothing and eventually their empire fell apart due to rebellions and the leaders of Angmar frankly not caring about their empire. Now only their most powerful colonies remain part of Angmar. To this day there is a faction simply known as The Rogues who still remember the extreme power of Angmar when they were a great empire and all they think about is restoring their prestige and lands. They are preparing a great revolt against both the Necromancer's Empire and the Golden Kingdom and are using Krystallshardes to power their siege weapons which are the most powerful in Angmar's history. Additionally they are collecting all of the relics from the Elder Years. However, they won't stop with the Grimsbane Galaxy. They are looking to take over the universe.
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