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Designated Historical Sites

Postby Government » Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:34 pm

The Government of HelloMiners - Designated Historical Sites:

The concept of Historical Sites is now officially introduced on the server, with proper rules and guidelines. The original concept of Historical Sites dates back to 2016, however no official rules were in place on how to handle structures that become inactive over long periods of time. Staff have voted on the following rules. These rules have been added to the main rule topic.

A Designated Historical Site is defined as a place of preservation on the main server, where all (old and new) players may have had a connection with. Historical Sites may be the oldest buildings of the server's uprising, to places that are deemed too delicate to be torn down completely.

Historical Sites can be designated based on recommendations of players, staff, mayors, or city managers. A player may then contact an administrator to approve the site. Historical sites will then be marked with a proper monument.


Historical Sites becomes officially designed when an Admin locks the signs on the monument, and this list is updated.

Historical Sites are generally to be preserved, and therefore must not be modified once designated. However, there are different circumstances that will apply in a government city. When a building in a government city is designated historic, a player who owns it, either through auction or purchase, must not modify the exterior of the building to their choosing. While many historic sites will be designated prior to an auction (while the government owns it), the admins reserve the right to designate any structure a historic site at any point in time while a player owns a structure.

Players who own a historic site may contact the admins for permission on modifying their structure at anytime, where proper approval may be granted. These rules will not apply to any player who creates the potential historic landmark. If a structure is appropriate to be designated a historic landmark, the owner may then consent to dedicate their structure a historic landmark. The rules mentioned, will then apply.

If this rule is broken, the default Category 5 Greifing punishment will be applied (5 months), plus automatic removal from the designated site, effective immediately.

The List of Designated Sites will be listed here for managers:

Name: | Region Name/Area: | Designated:
Arc De Triomphe Swampcity | arcdetriomphe | 2020
Battle Palace | challengearena | 2020
Crystal Bay Workers Memorial | Part of CB | 2020
Egeo Tower | hippohop | 2016
Flurand Research Outpost | government_zone_ice_spikes | 2020
Greenfort City & Summit | greenfort | 2020
HelloClan Arena | hcarena | 2020
HelloClan Map World Center | airzone | 2020
HelloClan Plaza - First Tower | hcluxbuilding | 2020
HelloMiners Capitol Government | adminhq |2020
Hillside Town Swampcity | (Part of Swampcity5) | 2020
Ice Castle/Frozen Temple | ice_castle | 2020
Indonesia Province (Western, Central, Eastern) | indonesia_province_1,2,3 | 2020
Indonesia Province Meadow & Farm | Not App. | 2020
Indonesia Province Nuclear Power Plant | Not App. | 2020
Indonesia Province Shipping Facility | Not App. | 2020
InGen - Sorna Tower & Corporation HQ Tower | Downtown HelloClan City | 2020
Island Tower | island | 2020
MaxWalPro Service Track | Not App./maxcity | 2020
MaxWalPro Plaza & Gamma HQ | maxplaza | 2020
MegaCorp Mob Testing Site | mob_facility | 2020
MegaCorp Accumulation Facility | accumulation_facility | 2020
Memorial Highway 5 Monument Swampcity | memorialhighway5 |2020
Old Government Trade Center | city_plot10 | 2020
PIT PvP Zone | pitpvpevent | 202
Pre-Historic Suburbs Homes | suburbs |2020
Spawn Center | hellominersspawn | 2020
Stark Tower & Area | yootonia | 2020
Red Gate Bridge | redgatebridge | 2020
ValleyCity - Mall | valleycity | 2020
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Re: Designated Historical Sites

Postby Marc » Mon Jun 15, 2020 9:20 pm

Topic Updated to include latest historic sites added by the admins.

Major Additions as of June 15th, 2020

- Battle Palace & Area;
- All of Indonesia Province and Structures including the government built facilities (windmills, shipping facility, etc.);
- Greenfort City & Summit;
- Various buildings around HelloClan City including the HelloMiners Capitol & Admin HQ;
- HelloMiners Arena
- Crystal Bay Workers Memorial
- HelloClan HillSide Town

Please contact the admins if you would like buildings in private cities to be marked historic. It will be properly assessed in regards to when it was built and its significance.
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