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[HM Olympics] Ironball - Arrows vs Camels - The Rematch!

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[HM Olympics] Ironball - Arrows vs Camels - The Rematch!

Postby ~Jake » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:09 pm

The Olympics

Welcome to the inaugural game of the HelloMiners Olympics! Many of you have been anticipating this event for years and years, and hopefully our services can live up to the expectation. As tradition we will have the flagship sport of our server, ironball and many other old and new games for everyone to participate in. We've garnered plenty of support and contribution from our staff and player community to make this possible, so please enjoy the fruit of your hard work.


The 2018 Balls Of Iron cup was definitely a success and we hope to bring the same (or even better) for you this summer. And what's bigger than a tournament? Well, in the olympics, we will have an ironball league! Ironball is the traditional sport of HelloMiners and we aim to electrify it through the olympics. It is played much like football and field hockey.

[+] Ironball
Ironball's closest relatives in real life are hockey (that's hockey, not ice hockey), and soccer/football (either one depending one where you live). You are put into teams, and are given sticks enchanted with knockback II, referred to as 'Ironball sticks', and extremely alike to hockey sticks (functionally at least). You the have to hit the 'ball' (an iron golem) into the opposing team's goal to score. The most popular way of deciding a winner is by doing a 'first to three' match, where to win, your team has to score three goals before the other team can. This is great for one-off games and mini-tourneys, but not so for league games. We play as the soccer/football leagues do normally, except we have 20 minute games instead of 90 minute games.
By the way, if you're wondering, the sticks are provided by the league, but if you want, you can always buy some of your own from the Government Trading Centre!


Teams will be comprised of three (3) starters and at least 1 reserve player. The more players per team, the better. Each city (8) will have their respected team and will battle each other in the regular season. The top 2 teams will automatically play in the semi finals, and 3rd-6th seed will battle in the wild card round.

How to apply your team:

Code: Select all
Team Name:
Team Colors/other details:

Example wrote:City: HelloClan
Team Name: Renegades
Roster: player_a, player_b, player_c, player_d
Team Colors/other details: Grey and Orange

Regular Season

Each team will play twice in a regular season, and that means eight games in four weeks. We will be using the points system, and modified it. A win would amount to 3 points, a tie would amount to 1 point, a loss would amount to 0 points, and absence of the team would amount to -1 points. Your standings will be based on points and tiebreakers will be based on goal difference.

Games will be played for 20 minutes, 10 minute halves. If the game is tied, then a 5 minute overtime period will be granted.

Regular Season MVP:


Statistics for players, games, and teams will be updated by Cedricko_21 here.

[+] Standings
1st Sunset Coast Camels

2nd Montego Bay Knights

3rd Dubai Shababs

4th Ashford Arrows

5th Ocelot City Warriors

6th Sunville Sunvillains

7th Oyster Cove Pirates

8th Sycamore Cicadas


Playoffs teams will be determined by standings.


Static time for games is 8:30 pm EST time. If there is a mutual agreement between both teams on another time, then we will adjust.

July 14 - Regular Season Game - Sycamore Cicadas @ Dubai Shababs
July 15 - Regular Season Game - Oyster Cove Pirates @ Sunset Coast Camels
July 21 - Regular Season Game - Sunville Sunvillains @ Ashford Arrows
July 22 - Regular Season Game - Montego Bay Knights @ Ocelot City Warriors
July 30 - Regular Season Game - Sunset Coast Camels @ Sycamore Cicadas
August 4 - Regular Season Game - Ocelot City Warriors @ Sunville Sunvillains
August 5 - Regular Season Game - Ashford Arrows @ Montego Bay Knights
August 6 - Regular Season Game - Dubai Shababs @ Oyster Cove Pirates
August 11 - Wild Card Game @ Ashford - Dubai Shababs vs Sunville Sunvillains
August 12 - Wild Card Game @ Sunset Coast - Ashford Arrows vs Ocelot City Warriors
August 18 - Semi Finals Game - TBD
August 19 - Semi Finals Game - TBD
August 25 - Championship Game - TBD


Rules of the Game

[+] Rules
-/- You are not allowed to carry and apply any foreign substances that gives an advantage or disadvantage to any player and team.
-/- Sticks are provided by the league, as well as the golems. However, we do ask for you to return them aftwerwards.
-/- Goalies are not allowed to leave the goal box.
-/- If there are intruders on the field, the game will be paused Until the intruder is escorted out.
-/- It will be a 20 minute, 10 min-half format and the team with most points at the end will be the victor.
-/- Only leather armor is allowed as uniform on the field. (No chainmail, iron, gold, diamond)
-/- If a team isn't able to recruit an emergency substitute (if starter is absent and they need more players), OR a team does not show up on their game whatsoever, they are automatically eliminated, thus the other team winning the game.
~More rules will be added later~

Topic may subject to change.


Get your favorite team's replica jerseys at /warp summermarket today for 10F/piece! Units are selling out quick, so better hurry!

Just do /warp summermarket and its 2 stalls from the Tanner Zombie Area.



Stay tuned for other HM Olympics games for your city to join!
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby Camel » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:10 pm

City: Sunset Coast
Team Name: Camels
Roster: Endershack, Cudley, and me (for now)
Team Colors/other details: Blue, Gold, and Light Blue
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby Cedricko_21 » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:17 pm

City: Ocelot City
Team Name: Ocelot City Warriors
Roster: Senjara, Cedricko_21, CaptainGonzalez, GeneralDostum
Team Colors/other details: Red and Cyan (Home colour kit: Cyan) (Away colour kit: Red)
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby ~Baz » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:28 pm

im doing tryouts for my team, can i apply without team members atm, or change the team latter on?
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby _DJDoodle_ » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:30 pm

I love it how in the rules part, u have a capital U at the start of Untill.

sorry I'm not a grammar Nazi. Plz no ban

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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby ~Alex » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:52 pm

City: Ashford
Team Name: Ashford Arrows
Roster: Richie_rich123, MrSuperRed, AlexisTurnt, MissileGamer
Team Colors/other details: Dark purple and yellow uniforms.
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby ~Nico » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:18 pm

If anyone wants to form a team for Dubai [Experienced players] hmu
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby Endershack » Thu Jul 05, 2018 6:20 pm

Rodney wrote:City: Sunset Coast
Team Name: Camels
Roster: Endershack, Cudley, and me (for now)
Team Colors/other details: Ender knows the colors

Blue, gold, light blue
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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby Endershack » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:30 pm

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Re: [HM Olympics] Ironball

Postby Chrono » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:34 am

Bump :mrgreen:
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