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[Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby Caleb » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:17 pm

Username: Y2Kkid

Position: Department Manager

How Long have you been Playing on HelloMiners?: 8 Months

Why you feel you're fit for the position?:
HelloMiners is one of my favorite servers, and being able to help restore the wilderness is one way I want give back. I have experience working as a manager for an audio visual team. This means I know how to work with scheduling, conflict resolution, and termination of employment. I'm also the city manager for Sunville, which has helped grow my terraforming skills, and planning skills. As a department manager my skill as a terraformer comes second to helping coach others to be a better terraformer, knowing how to build a team that supports you is something that could be valuable when reviving this department.

Experience in this area:
As city manager of sunville I have experience terraforming areas for are estates, and the marina. I also worked with battlecloud to help fix the coastline that had been messed up by ice forming and melting. On the manager side I have 3 years of director experience for an audio visual team.

What can you do differently?:
As an experienced manager I can bring these things to the table.
-Hire good project managers to help coach team members to be better terraformers
-I want to help give the the server players excitement of exploration by adding things like mine-shafts, temples, and villages that have been missing for a while.
-Communication is the cornerstone of every good team, so making sure our players have a universal way of communication will be important to the WPT success
-Ethics and Standards team would be necessary to make sure that all WPT members know what is expected of them.
-A fast turnover would be something that would help reopen the wilderness, unlike a park were you want everything to be perfect the wilderness can be random and unique, but in a good way. Making sure that we keep a balance of fast turn over, and appealing landscapes will be important in recreating the wild.
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby Caleb » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:18 pm

richie_rich123 wrote:Areas that have been redone should be protected and regioned so that people can't just come back and take everything.
Doesn't that defeats the point of having a wilderness. The department would have to operate in a way that rebuilds destroyed land, but expects it to be used like any wilderness
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby Sweg » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:23 pm

Caleb wrote:
richie_rich123 wrote:Areas that have been redone should be protected and regioned so that people can't just come back and take everything.
Doesn't that defeats the point of having a wilderness. The department would have to operate in a way that rebuilds destroyed land, but expects it to be used like any wilderness

It should be regioned and players would have the option to purchase it at like 6f a block
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby _DJDoodle_ » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:37 pm

Hey so I deliberately cleared out an 100 by 100 is area so I can make something. It isn't regions but it took me a while to cut it out from the surrounding terrians. Please can you make sure you are not restoring people's work?
Maybe you could contact a person who owns a region near there area to be redone to make sure its ok to continue.


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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby Egor » Mon Feb 19, 2018 8:56 pm


How Long have you been Playing on HelloMiners?: Nearly a year (6 days left until a full year)! :D

Why you feel you're fit for the position?: I am quite good with managing a large group of people, as known by the construction process of my city.

Experience in this area (pictures are optional):I own a quite big company which requires a lot of people to work in, meaning that I have experience which I can apply to the job.

What can you do differently?: As many know I am a really dedicated player and will never step down from a challenge. I am on almost every single day, during which I can check up on the process of the department, and make any changes if needed.
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby MrSuperRed » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:06 pm

WEATHER2DAY wrote:Will the government be providing sand? We can't really fix a desert without destroying another :?

Buy the sand from the govt.
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby d0dleysvrz » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:46 pm

Any closing date?
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby JPerkinsT19 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:53 am

Department Manager

Username: JPerkinsT19

How Long have you been Playing on HelloMiners?: I have been playing on HM for around 4 years off and on I believe, the past year I have been very active. March 25 will be my 4th anniversary.

Why you feel you're fit for the position?: I believe that I am fit for this position because I have a vision, and a passion. I have long been saddened by the numerous patches of destroyed wilderness either inactive or not being used for anything, which reduce the beauty of the entire server, particularly the area around those places. I do not want this position for personal gain, nor do I care about any money I may get from this. I would be happy to do it at no cost. I want this position because I love the wilderness. While I know this should not be a deciding factor, in real life I do have equal passion for the outdoors. I am an Eagle Scout with two silver palms, and spend at least a few hours each day wandering in the outdoors in the forests near my university. As for leadership experience in game, I have owned multiple companies, including Haven Housing Corporation/The Kingdom of Haven, with an estimated value of 750K. I currently manage a staff of over 20 individuals, and am very organized in management. I believe one important way to improve the server is to restore the wilderness to precisely that-wilderness.

Experience in this area (pictures are optional): As I said above, I do have experience with this in real life, but I also have quite a bit of experience in game. As many of you know, I am in the process of building a city. As part of this, I have set out to make it partially themed in nature, as you can tell in the pictures below. The land I acquired was rather ugly, and not naturally fit for a city. Instead of paving over everything and making it easy, I tried to keep the natural shape of the land, only altering the terrain as much as necessary.
This area was previously a flat, grass plain, but did not fit with terrain, so I created a hilly area with a variety of trees and flowers to accompany a nice stone brick pathway.
2018-02-22_20.47.00.png (943.14 KiB) Viewed 203 times
This is an example of an area that was previously a small cobblestone house that was unregioned and unused in the wild. Now it looks like a natural island, with multiple different species of trees and other flora.
2018-02-22_20.47.47.png (1.06 MiB) Viewed 203 times

What can you do differently?: I think the most prominent thing I will do differently is I will restore wilderness to wilderness, not to simply green places. The wilderness should truly be [i]wild[i], with streams and forests, mountains and desserts, oceans and plains. From a leadership standpoint I will not be the stereotypical boss, telling people what to do. I believe in leading from the front-I will be working at least as hard as each of my employees. I will hire a combination of experienced and newer players, depending on the task. Some tasks are obviously more fit for more veteran players, while some simple tasks such as filling in dirt can easily be contracted to a new player. I believe in hiring a variety of players and companies, not just repeatedly using one mega-company. I believe there is a need to benefit new and upcoming small businesses, and will keep that in mind when contracting out jobs.
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby MissileGamer » Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:59 pm

Great applications so far! Remember that even if you don't get one of the two positions I'm hiring for atm, you will still be considered for the other roles in the department by both the managers and myself once they have been hired.. so don't hold back! If you feel like you may be interested in this department put forward an application!

We will close for applications in approximately a week or so from now, you're free to continue to make changes to your application until then. Wishing you all the best of luck!
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Re: [Government] Hiring a NEW WPT Manager!

Postby ~Bloom » Fri Feb 23, 2018 8:51 pm

Username: Mr_Bloomberg

How Long have you been Playing on HelloMiners?: 4 Years 7 Months

Why you feel you're fit for the position?: I feel that I'm fit for this position as I'm Chief Executive Officer for one of the largest companies on hellominers. Using my knowledge and basic understanding I would like to excel my role on this server by giving something back. I have found a private investigative firm known as the Hellominers Protection Agency (HPA) Which have investigated several players for fraud and have worked with the government on numerous occasions now in its short period of existence.

Experience in this area (pictures are optional): I Have no real experience in this area. I requested to become a manager of the WPA a few months ago, I never got a reply to my request. I want to eliminate players joining the server and saying "Why does the wild look so greifed" With my expertise in running a multimillion forsal company efficiently I believe I can run the WPA with great prestige, efficiency and make it a sought-after job.

What can you do differently?:
First Off - I would like to create areas that are not just your basic wilderness preservation areas. I would like to incorporate parks in general. It would make the area look nicer but it would also bring the community something to look at, park buildings, toilets and woodland trails would make natural areas less boring looking and really emphasize the work the WPA is actually doing. I aim to build a "massive" nature preserve with woodland trails, courtyards, small museums giving the general history of the area etc..

Second - Make it easier to report a large greifed site. I would like to make the whole system more efficient by using the forums as a means of reporting damaged wilderness. The wilderness preservation team will then evaluate the area and add it to the to-do list.

Third - Hire active players who are not afraid of tough work. I believe that many government departments fail due to the fact that once the player working in the government job gets a feel for the job they leave... Making the government department less efficient in what they do and wasting not only our time but paying them for the slow work they are doing. That is why I choose to hire only efficient players to work for the government department whether it be the Hellominers Protection agency or the Wilderness Preservation Team I want to make every one of these departments more efficient.

Fourth - I like people in general and I speak to many people each day whether it's just a friendly conversation or arranging the next 100,000 forsal deal I like openly voice my plans/opinions that is why I feel as if I'm In a good position for this specific job.
I enjoy working in teams and I have a large board of directors working for Fresco Incorporated and RyanFa2002 is my newly appointed retail executive to make all our departments run as efficiently as possible. I believe this is my chance to give something back to the community so why not start this way?

Thank's For Reading :)
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