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Rule changes - February, 2018

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Re: Rule changes - February, 2018

Postby Munomario » Fri Feb 23, 2018 5:28 pm

Gerhard wrote:
Laccase wrote:Amazing job with improving the rules! :D

Also, will players get paid if they present a staff member a glitch?

Why the hell should players be paid for reporting a glitch...? That's just stupid, it's supposed to be reported so why pay for reporting it? People would make glitches just to report it and get paid....

if you want to find glitches in your server, this seems like a pretty solid way to go about it. pretty much the same thing that companies irl (things like facebook) do, where if you report an important vulnerability to them, they’ll compensate you. or in many cases, they just hire people to try and break their system professionally.
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