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[Official] Government Positions & Departments

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[Official] Government Positions & Departments

Postby Government » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:14 pm

Topic outdated, to be updated soon.

This topic will be locked but updated on a regular basis and pinned to provide players with an organized list of staff voluntary positions for the government and who to contact incase you are in need of something in that department. The positions will be in addition to the already existing moderator and administrator duties.

If you have ideas for new positions that need to be covered, please message a staff member, and they will be able to share it within the staff to discuss if it should be added.

This is the current hierarchy ranking in the Government of HelloMiners system:


The Project Management Team:
This group is responsible for everything government related within the game. The Project Management Team is responsible for coordinating new projects occurring within the server, managing the government cities, city tiers, events and all government related buildings within the server.

Mayors are responsible for managing a government city. Their tasks include infrastructure construction and maintenance, eyesore marking and eviction, and small-scale city expansions as well as promoting their city. To get a building marked as an eyesore, a player now only needs to contact the mayor of the city that the building is in. Warp plots in Rivercity will be evicted and auctioned by the mayor, in this case being ~Rodney.

Note: HelloClan City is divided into multiple positions due to it being too big and wide to cover by one person.
Mayors of HelloClan City and Vicinity: ~Steedz and ~Multi
Mayor of ValleyCity: Felipe98_
Mayor of RiverCity: KingofCamels101
Mayor of the Suburbs: YourAverageName
Mayor of HelloHills: iiChrisMahoneyy
Mayor of Crystal Bay: MissileGamer & Ravenmoon01

Job Description:
The City Tier manager is responsible for the operations of the Ranking System for City Tiers of private cities. The Manager will make decisions and rank each city accordingly based on the fulfillments of the requirements for each tier. City Tier Managers are also responsible for 'filling in' potential concerns for cities, when the time comes

City Tier Manager: SpartanPride7

The Report Team:

The Report System Topic wrote:Reports will now no longer require the need for every staff member to respond to. From this point forward, a small group of staff members who are in the group will focus on the reports in the queue, and discuss each report thoroughly before coming to a final conclusion on the report with their decision. Should the group not come to a final conclusion, the admins reserve the right to make the final call. See this topic for more information.

Report Team: What_Penguin, MissileGamer, and ~Tunnel

The Administrators Team:
Job Description:
Admins are responsible for being independent and responding to issues that have not been settled. Admins will also head and overlook some of the current positions and ensure rolls are being managed correctly. Rules will also need to be updated and changed regularly, so admins will be responsible for surveying staff in the different groups, and making the final call of adding it. ADMINS will also have the right to join one of the departments that moderators can do. Note - Admins can assist different groups at once since some tasks require creative mode and world edit to do. The Administration team is divided into 2 categories, Server Management (server configurations, plugins, etc.) and Staff Management & Support.

Admin Team: ArcticWinter, SucceededKiller, KyleLawes, marc050301, What_Penguin, SpartanPride7

Department of Events & Mobs:

Job Description:
Event hosts are responsible for hosting events on occasions at when their desire. They are also responsible for the construction of new events (they don't need to build them themselves, but they do need to make sure that there are enough things to be done during events). They can also host bigger events that may need to be posted days in advance or require an admin. Those in charge of the management of mythic mobs will be responsible for creating new mobs, fixing old ones, and then sending it to the server administrators to be uploaded.

Events & Quests : _UltraPro_, Ravenmoon01, Deitnerb
Mythic Mobs: Dr_StevenStrange

Department of Highways:
Job Description:
The manager of the highways expands and repairs highways, and handles new infrastructural projects.

Manager of Highways: stuffjunk

Non-Staff Government Officials):

Job Description:
Non-Staff Government Officials are those who do not withhold a staff rank (Mod/Admin), but are in control of a government infrastructure or are associated with the government by representation. The people in this category may also be paid on a regular basis and are eligible for specific permissions (fly) to aid them in their line of work. People who have special permissions like the ability to fly may only use the permission for promotion of the server through pictures or under the explicit permission of an official administrator. Gold Stars will indicate those with special permissions.

Twitter & Facebook: AlexisTurnt *
Instagram: Somfic

Department-Official: RyanFauglid
Department-Official: MyNameSakura
Department-Official: EischMC
Department-Official: Chronoxomy*
Department-Official: ~Jake
Department-Official: NCR_
Department-Official: richie_rich123
Department-Official: Zyra_Bot
Department-Official: _iCookie
Department-Official: nightemperor

To see which department our players are in: please visit our discord server @

Recent Updates:
- Removed inactive staff/players - Updated and added our amazing player base who are involved with making the server great for everyone!
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Re: [Official] Government Positions & Departments

Postby Government » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:12 pm

Topic Updated.