Our list of server rules

General rules

Minecraft is a very open game, which means there are many things that can be exploited. Using exploits or glitches is not allowed in our servers. Duping, exploiting a glitch or plugin to create items, is also not allowed. With regard to mods, we have a simple general rule. Any mod that gives an unfair advantage over players that don't use it is not allowed. That includes Xray, Nodus, and MobRadar, and any other third party clients. When in doubt, ask a staffmember if a mod is allowed.

Account Rules

It is only allowed to use one account on our server. Using other accounts or letting people join with other accounts to get their money or property is not allowed. We advise that every account is only used by one player. If a rule is broken on an account, it is impossible for us to know who was using the account. We therefore treat the account as only one entity. If your account gets banned, you are not allowed to join the server with another account. Instead, post an unban request here.

Chat Rules

We like to keep the chat as nice and clean as possible. For that reason it is not allowed to insult other people, troll ceaselessly, swear excessively, or spam chat. Please note that advertising and recruiting are not allowed. The chat is also used to make deals with other people. Therefore, if you make an agreement with someone, you are expected to follow through with it. Because we aim to provide a server for all ages, it is not allowed to use sexually explicit language. It is not allowed to build things that you can't post according to the chat rules.

The Eyesore Rule

This is a rule that applies to Government cities only. Of all the buildings that are built there, we expect that they fit into the city and look nice. We don't expect everyone to build architectural masterpieces only, but we do expect everyone to build things that we can look at without our eyes being burnt out. Staffmemberss decide whether a building is an eyesore or not. If a building is deemed an eyesore, a sign will be placed on the plot, notifying the player that they have two weeks to change the building. Additionally, the player will receive an in-game mail, and staff will try to contact the player over the forums. If the player fails to improve the building sufficiently, the building will be taken down, and the plot will be sold to the Government. There is a specific rule regarding the height of skyscrapers in Government cities. The height of a skyscraper cannot be over six times the size of the smallest side of the base of the building. A less strict eyesore rule applies to all the land within rendering distance of Government owned cities.

The Common Sense Rule

If there is anything that is not included in these rules, that gives someone an unfair advantage or damages the server or other players, ask staff if it is allowed or not. We expect people to be able to understand when something they want to do is in the 'grey zone'. When in doubt, always consult a staffmember. If staffmember tells someone to do something, failing to do so will be seen as rule-breaking. If you don't agree with something a staffmember says, post it on the forums. A serious attempt at doing something that would break a rule is treated as breaking the rule.

Privately Owned City Rules

Every privately owned city (a place in the wilderness where multiple plots or buildings are sold to people, where custom rules apply to the properties) has to be approved by the government before it can open. To get approved, a city needs to have a board of rules. A staff member will lock the signs of the rules. The land value of the city needs to be at least 60 000F. Every region of the city that is not a subregion has to be at least F8000 of land. Every plot that's sold in a privately owned city needs to have the greeting "By buying this plot you agree to the rules of this city". The greeting also needs to contain the coordinates of the city's rule board, or a direct link to the forum topic containing the rules of the city. Finally, a town has to look reasonably nice before it will be approved. If a city owner wants to evict a player from a plot, they have to follow the special eviction rules for private cities.

Apartment Rules

Apartments can only be rented out, not sold. Only the following rules may be applied to rented out apartments: -If the renter hasn't joined the server in over 4 months, the owner of the building can evict the renter. The owner will have to refund the renter for the period that was payed for in advance. -No dripping liquids through the floor of the apartment. -No nether portals in the apartment. -No farm animals in the apartment. -No chestshops inside the apartments. Owners of apartment buildings may choose to not enforce one or more of these rules. These owners should tell players what rules they enforce when they sell the apartment. These are the only rules that apartment owners can enforce on tenants.

Renting out apartments to new players (players who joined the server less than a month ago) is limited:
A new player may not be charged more than 4F per block of apartment floor surface per month in government cities
A new player may not be charged more than 3F per block of apartment floor surface per month in private cities
A new player may not be charged more than 600F for apartments of any size or any duration

Further Information

For a more complete list of the rules check out the forum topic.

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