Server Promoter Program

Government jobs that will

General Commands

  • /spawnTeleport to the spawnpoint
  • /getposGet your Position
  • /compass or /directionGet your Bearing
  • /iteminfoGet information on what you're holding
  • /suicideKill yourself
  • /afkSignal that you're AFK
  • /pingGet your latency with the server

Economy Commands

  • /pay [username] [amount]Pay a user
  • /balance or /balCheck your balance
  • /balancetop or /baltopCheck the balance toplist
  • /bal [playername]Check the balance of another player

Region Commands

  • /region addmember [regionname] [playername]Add someone to your region as member
  • /region addowner [regionname] [playername]Add someone to your region as owner
  • /region flag [regionname] greeting [message]Add a greeting to your region
  • /region flag [regionname] farewell [message]Add a farewell to your region
  • /region info [regionname]View information about your region
  • /region listView a list of regions that you own

Chat & Mail

  • /msg [playername] [message]Send message to player
  • /r [message]Reply to a message
  • /mailSee Mail
  • /mail [read | clear] [message]Read/Clear Mail
  • /mail send [playername] [message]Send Mail
  • /me [message]Talk in emote/third person
  • /realname [playername]Find out who is behind that nickname!

Teleport Commands

  • /spawnGo to spawn
  • /sethomeSet home on current location
  • /homeTeleport to home

  • /warp [warpname]Warp to a certain location
  • /warpGives you a list of warps

Protection Commands

  • /cpublicCreate a Public Lock
  • /cprivateCreate a Private Lock
  • /cpassword [password]Create a Password Lock
  • /cunlock [password]Unlock a Password Lock
  • /cinfoGet info of a Lock
  • /cmodify [playername]Add player to a protection
  • /cmodify -[playername]Remove a player from a protection
  • /cremoveRemove a Lock


  • /mbox set [mobname]Change what the mobbox spawns
  • /stables addrider [playername]Add someone to your horses
  • /stables delrider [playername]Remove someone from your horses
  • /stables abandon [horsename]Abandon your horse
  • /stables find [horsename]Locate your horses
  • /stables listGet a list of horses you own

  • /pets co [playername]Change the owner of your pets
  • /pets d [on|off]Enable or disable harming of your pets by you
  • /pets releaseReleases a pet into the wild