Frequently asked questions regarding the server.

Getting Started
How do I find somewhere to live?
You can live virtually anywhere in the server. All land in the wilderness (=land that is not already owned by someone else) can be bought. At a higher price, you can also buy land in government cities. For both these land types, you can contact a moderator or an admin who will region the land for you. If you're new to the server, it's a good idea to either rent a plot in the suburbs or to rent an apartment. To rent land in the suburbs, do /warp suburbs and right click the rental sign of a vacant plot. Buying an apartment is also simple. Simply ask in the server if someone is selling an apartment, and follow the directions given.
How do I earn money?
There are many ways in which you can earn money. There are ways that require no interaction with other players; you can kill mobs for bounty, or you can sell items in the government selling center (follow the directions at /warp city). Working for players is also an option. Simply ask in the server if anyone has a job opening, and you will most likely find a job. Eventually, most people want to start their own company or store. Selling items, real estate or delivering services is a great way of making money. To sell items you don't necessarily have to be online. Instead, you can use chestshops, which you can read more about under the FAQ tab "Economy & Land > How do I make a ChestShop"..
What are the land prices?
Land in government cities costs 20F per tile (a tile is 1 block from bedrock to top). Suburban areas commonly cost 10F per tile, but have height limits, so you can't build super-tall structures. Some government owned areas have rental plots for which you pay x-amount of Forsals for an x-amount of days. Land in the wild costs 5F per tile. This is the cheapest land available. Please note, land in The Nether and The End is also seen as wild land. Some places might have different land prices, but this is usually in privately owned cities - the owners of these are free to set their own price for land in their regions.
Where is the wilderness?
The wilderness is basically any land that is not owned by someone else. Some warps are farther away from the wilderness than others, but generally speaking you'll get there when walking in a straight line from any warp. Currently, the best way of getting to the wilderness is by warping to RiverCity and walking in a straight line east. Take a look at the world map and you'll quickly see where the wild is in relation to the city you're in.
How do I set up a shop?
You can set up a shop in any land you own, except for in suburbs rental plots. You don't necessarily have to be online in order to sell items. Instead, you can simply use a chestshop, which you can read more about under the FAQ tab "Economy & Land > How do I make a ChestShop"..
Economy & Land
How do I make a ChestShop?
How do I sell or rent out a region?
We use a plugin that is called SimpleRegionMarket. With this plugin you can sell and rent out regions without being online. The plugins works with signs, that can be placed near the region.

To rent out a plot, place a sign and use the following format:
Example: If the player HappyCreeper wanted to sell the plot testplot1 for 300F, he'd make the following sign:
How do I mark an area for regioning?
There are roughly two categories in this. The first is marking land in the wilderness. To mark land in the wilderness, place blocks on two opposite corners of the rectangular plot you want to buy. Please make sure that these blocks are on the same Y (use F3 for this). The image below shows how to mark when buying a certain area (in this case buying the white wool area).

To mark land inside a building (for an apartment for instance), you also need to place blocks in opposite corners. However, you'll need to place one of the blocks on the floor and one under the ceiling. See the example below.
Website Related
Can't remember your username or password?.
If you have forgotten your username then you are also able to use your email adress to log in. If you can't remember your password then press the "I forgot my password" link on the HelloClan Homepage to have an email sent to you with the steps required to reset your password.
How can I change my signature?
You can change your Forum Signature by hovering over "Profile" on the main navigation bar, then choosing "Profile Settings". From there you can alter your forum signiture by putting in URL's for images surrounded by the "[img] [/img]" tags, or anything else that fits your fancy.
How can I update my avatar?
You can update your avatar by going to "Settings" on the main navigation bar and then choosing "Profile Picture".
Account Related
My account has been banned.
If you were banned, the reason for your ban is always posted on the forums. Browse to the category reporting, to 'Report a player'. In this forum section, there will be a topic about why you are banned and what rule(s) you broke. If you believe this ban was unfair, you can post an unban request in the forum section 'Banned from HelloMiners?'
How do I become a moderator?
When we need new moderators for the server, we always look at the players that are usually active in the server. We then try to decide which players are best suited for the job as moderator. People cannot request to be a moderator. If we want you as a moderator, we'll ask you, not the other way around.
I received a warning.
If you received a warning from an admin or moderator, don't worry, the world isn't over. However you should take notice, these warnings will include an explanation of what you did wrong. If you violate the rules again, it's likely your account may be suspended or permanently banned. Take these warnings seriously.
How do I report a player?
To report a player, make a topic in the following forum:"Report a Player" Please include what the player did and when this happened.
How do I protect my horse?
We have a plugin, Stables, that protects named horses. This means that as soon as you named your horse with a nametag, it can no longer be killed. To name the horse, you will need a nametag, which can be made with this recipe.

You then need to place the nametag in an anvil and fill in a name. After that's done, you can name your horse by right clicking it with the nametag. For more commands for the Stables plugin, use the following video.

How do I get a mobspawner or spawn eggs?
Mobspawners occur naturally underground. After you've found one, you can region it and make it spawn different kinds of mobs. To change the kind of mob it is spawning, place your crosshair on the spawner and type /mbox set mobname. In 'mobname', fill in the kind of mob you want; e.g chicken, cow, or sheep.

Spawn eggs can be acquired in two ways. When a mobspawner is destroyed it will drop an egg of the kind of mob that the spawner was spawning at that moment. Alternately, spawn eggs can be acquired by killing snow golems - they drop random kinds of spawn eggs.
What is the Unknown Island quest?
The Unknown Island is a secret quest which requires a special ticket to start.

You can find out more about the quest here.
Where can I vote for the server?
You can curently vote for our server, and subsequently earn rewards, at:

Minecraft Server List.

Minecraft Server.

Minecraft Servers.

Minecraft Servers List.

Minecraft List.

Each vote will earn you F25 and the possibility of receiving a rare item!

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