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Postby Medno » Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:25 pm

There have been mixed opinions on this idea so far:
Old owners of Solis plots will (by HM rules) be able to keep their plots in the pre-existing style, but I'd appreciate it if the few who do could agree to the new rules or maybe come to another agreement with me.
It's nice to see a lot of interest in the idea by a few players and this does make me feel quite inclined to make this my new plan, however, Zyra and Alex mentioned how there are already similar ideas in the works and I wouldn't want my idea to overshadow the other idea or vice versa as one of the cities will do really well and the other won't, I think I will go ahead with my ideas, but if the person/people making the other plans could message me, we could make sure that our ideas aren't too similar so that the two cities will have different rules, etc.

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