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[Official] GoldMark Enterprise!

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[Official] GoldMark Enterprise!

Postby Hunter_Angler » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:05 am

Hello everyone

I am founder and CEO of GoldMark Enterprise

Our company does:

Real estate buyer and seller side
Interior Design
Sells plots

Hired Positions:
Vice President: Dylad
CFO: _DJDoodle_
Project Manager: Dylad, rest of Chief Officers
COO: President_KK
Interior Design Specialist: Meelana
Builders: DA_Panda360 MrMuffin420
Real Estate Agents: Courtney3568 BubbleJCG DA_Panda360 Mario12845

Let us know if you need anything done :D

We are currently hiring:

Owner of GoldMark Enterprise

Net Worth: 40k

Co-Owner of New Vegas